About nordSTEVA



As the coordination of the network has been shifted towards the University of Copenhagen, CAST, this webpage will not be updated. Please click on to http://cast.ku.dk/nordsteva/ for the new webpage.


NordSTEVA was established in September 2014, and will last until the end of 2019.

NordSTEVA receives its funding from NordForsk, which was established by the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2005. NordForsk provides funding for Nordic research co-operation as well as advice and input on Nordic research policy development.

NordSTEVA is funded through NordForsk's multidisciplinary Nordic Societal Security research programme, which aims to develop new knowledge about issues that must be addressed to safeguard societal security in the Nordic countries and about how to promote recovery in the wake of a disturbance. Security comprises the ability of a society to sustain vital societal functions and secure populations’ life, health, needs and basic values under extraordinary stresses, known as crises. The programme addresses questions of vulnerabilities, resilience and capabilities for crisis management related to prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. The research funded by the programme should add value to work already done in the Nordic countries within Societal Security.

The specific objective of NordSTEVA is to advance research, education and training, industrial strategy and public policy in support of a wider and deeper understanding of the security technology/values interface. The Centre will draw together and integrate diverse ideas, capabilities and experiences in order to generate new knowledge, approaches, and solutions in support of the enhancement of Nordic Societal Security.

The primary objective of the centre is to organize and carry out problem-based analysis, social science research, technological development and public policy in support of Nordic societal security. To fully achieve this goal, the centre will pursue three secondary objectives:

  • O1: To create a Nordic hub for research, documentation and technological development in the area of societal security;
  • O2: To foster the growth of excellence in research on technology and values on a global scale;
  • O3: To promote long-term education and capacity-building in societal security research and policy at the meeting place of technological innovation and value-based inquiry.

These objectives will be addressed through the activities of our Research Groups.
(a short presentation of these research groups will follow shortly).

RG1: Law and Ethics. Coordinated by PRIO
RG2: ICT. Coordinated by PRIO
RG3: Politics of Security. Coordinated by CAST
RG4: Risk Governance. Coordinated by SEROS and Lund University
RG5: Institutions. Coordinated by Stockholm University
RG6: Transversal Activities. Coordinated by Tampere University